Friday, July 8, 2011

hey june?

Did I miss something? Like an entire month? Guess I did!

Lately I've been working 50 hour weeks and time is flyin by! I go in early, stay late, and before I know it the week is over. And then the weekend is filled with lots to do too! I went to Mexico, Tucson (twice), and had a girls weekend. Needless to say, June was B-U-S-Y!

Now, on to July...
This past Monday was the 4th of July (Happy Independence Day!), which gave me a 3 2 day weekend (see above, the "50 hour weeks" comment, that includes working on Saturdays), so I spent my time with friends. Tomorrow I'm having my own spa day (after working in the morning of course) and then it's more time with friends! Sunday I will be in Tucson to fix my car with my dad (see previous post) and to watch a play that my amazingly talented friend Devin wrote. Busy - but fun! And next weekend is Vegas for my grandpa's birthday - also fun! Maybe one day I will actually take a vacation and get some rest :)

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