Monday, June 14, 2010

1 week down, a bAziLliOn more to go

I should have posted this last Friday or over the weekend, but better late than never!

My first week of work is over and I couldn't be happier... for a break :D Going from not working at all to working 40 hours a week almost killed me! This past week was just training in a classroom, which was really boring and made the days seem super long, but there are only a few more days of training before I get to actually start working. There are a bunch of new people training with me, so I'm not the only newbie asking tons of questions, which makes me feel better. I am sure things will be great once training is over!

Besides work, this week was way busy. I don't know why I did this to myself, but I stayed out late EVERY night last week. I even went to another baseball game Tuesday night (which was so worth it, free tickets on the diamond level is one thing you do not say no to)! I had such a great week though, being tired was a small price to pay.

My best friend comes home tomorrow! He has been gone for a couple weeks on vacation, so I am really excited to see him and hear about his trip. So no matter what, this week will be amazing! Even if I will be working 40 hours...

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