Saturday, March 31, 2012


Not only has my blog been missing in action, so has my life - which is probably why my blog has been m.i.a. the past few months. That, and the fact that my laptop is beyond ancient and barely functions. And it can be a pain to update from my kindle or iPhone (which I am using to update right now...). Pretty much all I do is work and spend time with the boy. Do you really want me to update all the time with that?!?

But, things have become a little more lively. Remember my posts about "step 1" and "step 2"? Well, step 3 might be coming. But not in Phoenix. In Laguna Niguel, CA or Dallas, TX. And I have to decide (by Monday) which location I want to live in choose. The only problem is that I really don't want to move. In fact, I would LOVE to live in Arizona my entire life. But this opportunity is a life changer. Things could get so much better for me. And the location choices aren't that bad. They just aren't Arizona.

Whatever happens in the future is meant to be. Maybe this is a lesson I need to learn.

In the meantime, I'll try to add some action to my life :)

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