Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This year, I didn't have a birthday. I didn't have a birth-week. I had a birth-month. And I'm kinda sad that it ends today :(

It all started on the 3rd when my bf surprised me with my birthday gifts (yes, plural) - a pair of Toms shoes and a new sweater. Thanks B, I love them!
Then my Tucson birthday trip started early on the 4th when I got my iPhone :D I never knew I could love an object as much as I love this phone! Thanks to my brother Christopher for staying at the Apple store and getting my phone while I went to the doctor! On the 5th was my birthday dinner with my family - I love them! The girls got pedis and we all celebrated Steph's birthday on the 6th with tacos. And before I left Tucson on the 7th, I got the best present of them all - no cavities when I went to the dentist (total joke, but I was super happy about it)!

When I returned from Tucson on the 7th, I got a haircut and had a massage - my birthday gift to me! And on the 8th was my birthday dinner with the bf's family, so nice of them! When I returned to work on the 9th (yes, I actually took three days off work), my desk was decorated with balloons and confetti and streamer paper and my team got me a space heater along with a "happy 13th birthday" card (yes, I'm the baby in the group) - totally love my work family! My co-workers Jeremy and Liz both took me to lunch that week too! My consecutive birth-days finally ended, but that Saturday, my friends and I went dancing in Old Town for my joint birthday bash with Jenna. And the following Saturday I got my sewing machine - thanks mom and dad!

Thank you to everyone who had a part in my birthday this year, you made me feel so special and loved!
(and I know I used lots of "!" this post, but this month was just that good!)

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