Tuesday, November 30, 2010

big girl decisions

I have been making some rash decisions lately. As in the past two weeks lately. I don't know why, I am usually extremely indecisive. And the decisions I've been making should NOT be taken lightly.

The first major decision was moving out. I have wanted to move out and get my own apartment for a really long time. I've always wanted my own place, but I could never afford to live on my own. Until I got my big girl job. Then I started contemplating this whole moving-out idea over the summer. At the end of October, I decided it was time. I had been searching for apartments, and I found quite a few to visit, but one stood out to me. Then two weeks ago, without visiting all most of the apartments, I decided to go with my gut instinct and chose the apartment. And I set my move in date for the first weekend in December, two weeks after my decision was made. Last week I turned in my application. And today I got the call. I have my own apartment! And I move in FOUR days! I couldn't be more excited (or rushed to pack)!

The other major decision was cutting my hair. For those who know me, know it takes A LOT for me to change my hair. I had the same haircut for four years. FOUR YEARS! It stresses me out. And I need moral support when I make the change, aka someone has to go with me for the haircut. I have been contemplating bangs for over a month. Probably more like two months (at least). I haven't had bangs in two years, and I kinda missed them. At the beginning of November, I had my hair "restyled". Which was really just adding more layers. Nothing too major. But no bangs. I chickened out. I really liked my haircut, until this afternoon when I looked at pictures of myself. I really didn't like the way I looked. And I mean really didn't like the way I looked. So I decided to get bangs. I called the salon, and went in after work. I now have bangs.
By the way, I spent more time deciding on a cookware set then I did on the bangs. 

I'm not so sure I like my bangs. It makes me nervous that I won't like my apartment choice that was also made with such little hesitation. I think/hope I just need to get used to my bangs, and then I will love them. Just like my apartment. Let's hope! And maybe I should do a little more thinking before my next major decision...

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