Sunday, May 1, 2011

burnt - to a crisp?

*this is more of a personal post than an update on my activities, so feel free to skip... okay there are some activities updates*

For the past month, I've been in a bit of a funk. Or a rut. Or a schlump. Call it what you want, I'm just not my usual self. I don't have much motivation, I want to sleep in lots, and I rarely want to go out. And it's not me being lazy, because I do lots of stuff. Maybe I'm just burnt out. Yeah, that's it.

Why would I be burnt out? Let me tell you. The last three weekends have been spent out of town: Tucson, a family Vegas trip, and a friends Vegas trip (I got back earlier tonight). And how did I get to Tucson and Vegas  - by driving. Every. Trip. Oh, and next weekend I will be in Tucson again. So that will be four weekends in a row spent out of town.

I'm also a little stressed with my apartment, because I got a "Notice of Noncompliance" and they are going to inspect my apartment tomorrow. Management thinks I have a dog because I've had my friend's dog over to my place a few times. So hopefully tomorrow Management will see that I don't own or live with a dog and I'll get to keep my apartment! Or I'll have to move asap and find another place. Let's hope for the first option!

Another stressor: work. A month ago I was transferred into a complex claims unit. Now I handle much harder claims that require way more work and take longer to close. This means my work piles up quickly, especially when I get more new claims. The transfer hasn't been too bad though, I have a great new supervisor who is letting me take my time learning how to handle these new claims and continually checks on my progress to make sure I'm ready before I get put into the rotation with the other adjusters. And the other adjusters in my unit are super nice and help me whenever I need it. This past month at work has been a lot of baby steps, which I am very thankful for!

It doesn't help that my closest friend moved to Utah on Friday. I guess I'll be spending a weekend in Utah sometime!

What I'm not burnt by is the sun! I am super white from the winter and it's almost summer. Maybe one weekend will be spent relaxing by the pool :)

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