Friday, October 22, 2010

movin' on up!

I haven't had much to blog about lately, my life consists of work and friends. Bbbuuuttt I do have some exciting news to share :)

I got a promotion

After weeks of waiting, I FINALLY found out I am being promoted to an adjuster!

Here is the story:
Three weeks ago, my supervisor sent out an email announcing that Physical Damage adjuster positions were opening and to respond if interested. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to respond, my coworkers who have been with the company a while always talk about how they hated being adjusters. And I really like my current job. And I like the people I sit by. So I didn't respond. That was Tuesday. Wednesday morning, my supervisor came to my desk and asked if I looked at the email, and told me I should definitely apply for the position. Then he sent an email to those interested, letting us know we needed to bring in an updated resume and fill out a job bid (basically an application). Thursday, my supervisor asked if I had finished the bid and told me to have it ready by Friday. He sent out another email informing us that we would sit with an adjuster on Friday to see what it's like and get a feel for the position. So Friday comes, I sit with an adjuster for half of the morning, then turn in my bid/resume to my supervisor. My supervisor then passed my paperwork onto HR. HR reviewed my paperwork and gave it to the head supervisor of the adjusters (and I mean the head supervisor. like the adjuster's supervisor's supervisor. over the entire company. yeah). The head supervisor comes to my desk with the other claims supervisor (he isn't my direct supervisor, he is over the other claims team), I meet him, and then they tell me if I'm not too busy I could have my interview right then. Obviously I wasn't going to be too busy for that...

The interview was really casual, but it lasted an hour. He didn't ask a lot of questions, just mainly told me what qualities an adjusted needs and asked if I had those qualities. It was a lot of chit chat too. At the end, the he told me he really liked me and would know after he finished interviewing everyone. That was three weeks ago.

The next week, the head supervisor was out of town, so no one else interviewed. Last week was when everyone else interviewed for the position. Over a week after I had my interview. It made me nervous, and I was worried that they would forget about me. Finally this week started, and they told us we would know sometime this week. By Wednesday, I couldn't help it, and I asked my supervisor when they would tell us. He said "tomorrow." It was finally Thursday and I was busy working the day away, not really thinking about the adjuster position, until I came back from lunch and my coworker (who also applied for the position) asked if I received a call from HR. Nope, not yet. She did, it wasn't good news. So then I got REALLY nervous! And I couldn't stop thinking about the position or that fateful call! I kept trying to work, while still freaking out about not getting a call and hearing that others had received bad-news calls. It had been at least an hour, and then HR called me. I had to go to the office. The office. As I left my desk, another coworker was coming back from the office. With good news. So I got really excited, and sure enough, it was good news for me too!

I start training (again, I know) in November. I am excited and nervous and scared and happy all at the same time. I am really going to miss my coworkers (adjusters are on the second floor, claims are on the first floor), and my current position is really easy and I never have to take work home, but I am excited for the change and learning experience this will be. I will definitely update as I go!

And my birthday is in tWo weeks. The big tWeNtY-tWo. I'm getting old.

November will be amazing :)

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  1. yay!! Way to go Chels! So proud of you...and your grown-up life :)